Fast, secure, and reliable cross-chain communication

Sygma is a modular, open-source, cross-chain connectivity protocol. With Sygma, developers can easily extend their applications across EVM, Substrate, and beyond.

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Getting started with EVM to Substrate transfers

Sygma SDK tells you which parameters you need to send transactions between Polkadot, Ethereum, and more.

Say hello to native interoperability

Easily integrate the Sygma SDK and send data cross-chain with a click of a button.

Sygma's code snippet video demonstrating the power of general message passing for cross-chain communication, enabling seamless transfer of arbitrary data between different blockchain networks

Take your app cross-chain.



Algorithmic stablecoins

NFT marketplaces

Money markets

New primitives

How to start building with Sygma

Github Repo

Step 1: Install SDK

Step 2. Build on local or testnet

Step 3. Send your first cross-chain call.

Core Features

Flexible and extensible

Sygma allows developers to expand their applications to new ecosystems and explore novel use cases with a versatile, modular protocol.

Fees in any token
Live on mainnet
General message passing
Live on mainnet
EVM asset support
Live on mainnet
Substrate asset support
Live on mainnet
Competitive fees
Live on mainnet
Native EVM-XCM swaps
In development

Catalyzing a cross-chain builder community

Sygma is fostering a community of open-source contributors that help cross-chain builders create and share modular components for effortless integration of cross-chain use cases in governance, DeFi, gaming, and more.

Join the open-source cross-chain community

Sygma is a protocol built and supported by developers, researchers and designers from various ecosystems who are united in the common goal of achieving better safety and experience for all blockchain users.

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